Tree Life Tools Package

Tree Life Tools Package

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The Wealthy Fruit Tree vibrantly illustrates what a regenerative mindset and environment look like. This poster and coloring book will inspire mindfulness, solidarity, kindness, and positive growth for people and the planet.

Package Includes:

  • Learning Coloring Book
  • Take Home Poster - Size 3'X2’

Take Home 3'x2’ Poster Detail: A colorful approach to accountability + kindness at home. Made with 100lb traditional poster material.

Learning Coloring Book  Product Purpose: Increase Comprehension, Vocabulary + Capital Exposure

  • Minimize the importance of things and money and increase the importance of knowledge, relationships, and experiences. 
  • Minimize the  value of what anyone can take from them. 
  • Understand the difference between natural flow and unnatural order. 
  • Understand the importance of order and why they should embrace the process..
  • Understand ways to express and name their value without money and material things. 
  • Learn the difference between Rich vs. Wealthy Capital 
  • Understand the difference of Scarce vs. Abundance Lens
  • Understand the difference of Survive vs. Thrive mindset 
  • Uncover their value system + mindset to practice intentionality + mindfulness for self, family + community.
  • Product Target: The Wealthy Fruit Tree can live in your home, classroom and community spaces.

  • More Details:  This colorful illustration was designed to influence mindful choices and encourage positive behavior that impacts self, family, community.

  • The Wealthy Fruit Tree was engineered as an analogy that a second grader can understand from a scarcely known macroeconomic theory recognizing how people, planet, and profit interchangeably work together through 8 forms of capital. This tool will empower students with awareness, language, and examples of all forms of capital to achieve an abundantly wealthy lifestyle.