About The Author

About The Author

Sadé Diké is a proud alumnae of Howard University (HU) in Washington, D.C.— the same school she contested after being waitlisted for entry because of low standardized test scores, but she persisted. Her out of the box approach not only earned her entry into ‘the dream school’; it also earned her over $650,000 in scholarships, grants, and global opportunities while attending College and Graduate School. 

While attending Howard University (HU) as a communications major and business minor, Sadé also studied language and cultural studies in China and Egypt. She interned with the CIA, Williams & Connolly L.L.P., and the U.S. House of Representatives.

After graduating from HU, she went on to attend the University of California San Diego (UCSD) as a distinctive Fellow of the Robertson Foundation for Government, with a focus in international business and Mandarin Chinese. 

Today, she is often the youngest executive and woman of color at the table for her titan clients under her firm Proxy Global Source (PGS) where she serves as Principal Consultant and Business Developer. Sade has led international efforts for PGS clients across industry in West Africa, U.A.E., East Asia, and the U.S. She has orchestrated deals on the behalf of clients to J.P. Morgan Chase, McDonald’s, YMCA, Google, Hilton, Fabletics, Shell Corporation, Toyota, Major Education & Medical Institutions, HNI’s and more. 

Sadé’s second language is Mandarin Chinese, and first love is creative expression through spoken word poetry. She is from Dayton, Ohio and believes that by writing The Rubric™, an ongoing series of affirmation how-to guides, she is doing her part in helping the world be more inspired and exposed than she found it. All the more reason why, The Rubric’s mission is to empower and expose students across America and the globe, with proven tools to win in school, life, and career, so they can become the champions of their own stories. 

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