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The Rubric™, 2nd EditionYou Don't Have A Be The Perfect Student To Win.


Pre-Order, Audiobook - 2021

*Scheduled Release Date: November 06, 2021

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Looking for the perfect tool to ensure success in your college career?

The Rubric™ is an educational and motivational how-to that focuses on guiding and empowering High School to College students through exposure and inspiration, based on the author's personal setbacks turned successes.

The Rubric™ will show students:

  • Essential Tools for admission statement, grant, and scholarship essays. 
  • How to master interviews and build professional relationships. 
  • How to navigate and use financial resources. 
  • Traditional and non-traditional careers pathways.
  • How to welcome healthy challenges that will develop them, especially studying abroad. 
  • Confidence boosting tips and so much more!

Audiobook Includes:

  • Need files that contain content such as essays and charts, that are essential tools inside The Rubric™.

Audiobook Details:

  • Preorder, Audiobook - 2021

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*Scheduled Release Date:

  • The projected date that The Rubric™, 2nd Edition, You Don't Have To Be A Perfect Student To Win is set to be released and available to distribution.
  • This is the projected date that all Pre-Order purchases will begin to be fulfilled. Please expect 5-7 business days from Scheduled Release Date for your Pre-Order to ship out.
  • For all additional inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to the author, Sadé Diké via email at or write to her in the 'Questions or Feedback' tab located below.